Bring positive shifts in school climate.
School climate impacts how well students are able to develop social-emotional competencies. Educators use EdSense to build more positive environments for student learning.
Social-emotional learning that promotes the critical skills and mindsets that enable success in school and in life.

EdSense ProfilEd.

Research-backed assessments
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Student competencies.
  • Grit - How well students are able to persevere through setbacks to achieve important long-term goals.
  • Growth Mindset - Student perceptions of whether they have the potential to change those factors that are central to their performance in school.
  • Self-Management - How well students manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in different situations.
  • Social Awareness - How well students consider the perspectives of others and empathize with them.
  • Self-Efficacy - How much students believe they can succeed in achieving academic outcomes.
  • Learning Strategies - How well students deliberately use strategies to manage their own learning processes generally.
Student support.
  • School Climate - Perceptions of the overall social and learning climate of the school.
  • School Safety - Student perceptions of physical and psychological safety while at school.
  • Rigorous Expectations - How much students feel that their teachers hold them to high expectations around effort, understanding, persistence and performance in class.
Teacher skills.
  • Educating All Students - Faculty perceptions of their readiness to address issues of diversity.
  • Teacher Self-Reflection - Faculty perceptions of their professional strengths and areas for growth, related to social-emotional learning.
  • Professional Learning about SEL - Perceptions of the amount and quality of professional growth and learning opportunities available to faculty, related to social-emotional learning.
  • Big 5 - Triage of teachers' five broad personality traits, emotion regulation and mood.


One-on-one time with students is up four times over years past

One-on-one time with students is up four times over years past, test scores are up and our students are more engaged. We are “flipped out” over our fabulous results and are extremely committed to ensure that all of our students and their families get the very best we have to offer.

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