Our VisionWe have a vision for better education.

We are EdSense.

And we think it’s time to bring everyone together. We think it’s time to set the priorities back on student achievement and teachers’ effectiveness in every educational institution.


Up and down the education industry, there are missed opportunities for true clarity and real change.

The false promises of so-called integration and advanced technology have led us to fragmented channels that confuse and confound, rather than inform.

Yesterday, everyone in the education continuum worked separately.

Education Board

Everything was its own transaction.

Teachers, academicians, tutors, psychologists, parents were in their own separate silos – yet all working towards the same goal: helping students.

Student histories lost
Confusion ruled the day
Conflicting report cards & outcomes
Teachers deluged

Today we’re bringing everyone together.

Here at EdSense, we’re leading the change. We’re building the foundation that will let all stakeholders come together.

Building coordination and collaboration across the chain. Bringing back communication, accountability and trust.

Most importantly, we’re moving students to the center, making information more accessible, accurate and actionable. And the best part? we’re just getting started.

Today, as we unlock the power of data, we’re:

  • Building 360° learner profiles
  • Harnessing teachers' effectiveness
  • Aggregating curriculum content & lesson plans
  • Connecting all school branches & people together
  • Encouraging transparency

Tomorrow will be even better.

Empowering institutions, educators and parents brings an everlasting impact on students' outcome.

We believe that when students harness the power within themselves, there’s no limit to what they can achieve.

We aim to deliver:

  • AI-assisted contextual recommendations
  • Improved understanding and early warning
  • Student histories that spark impactful interventions
  • Skill-based micro-certifications and career-readiness
AI-assisted contextual recommendations Student histories that spark impactful interventions Improved understanding and early warning Skill-based micro-certifications and career-readiness

Let’s build this community, together.

Ready to join us on the journey?

We are EdSense. And we’d love for you to be, too.

Be a part of our community.

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