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Strategic transformation

Strategic planning and intensive school improvement system for accelerating student learning through personalisation & continuous improvement of Teaching, Leadership and Organizational Practices with the use of modern technology.

CBSE, IGCSE compliancy

Automate compliancy procedures with the associated boards to save administrative time and avoid errors! Make it a norm for teachers to record their statutory forms along with weekly plans & daily logs.

Professional toolset for teachers

90-hrs a year of professional development session isn't enough! Educators are learners too, wish to learn anytime, anywhere. We bring them continuous professional development with courses & articles which will enhance their effectiveness in student success.

360° student profiles

Understanding 360° of a student will result in better personalization and success. We profile psychometry, academics, health, nutrition, family situation and present actionable data to teachers, counsellors & parents.

Curriculum-aligned OER

Curated Open Educational Resources from various sources are aggregated and sequenced as per the school curricula. Teachers can create differentiated content, deliver to their students and track their usage like never-before. Students are no more compelled to subscribe for supplementary external content or get lost in the pursuit of finding the right content.

Counselling made easy!

Academic & psychology counsellors at the school gets never-before non-intrusive way to profile students & staff and pinpoint who needs intervention and when! Counsellor's dashboard saves them plenty of time, everyday!

We’re always asking: How do we build stronger, more effective communications between learners, educators and parents?

Our secret is to build clearer, more concise communications using the power of data. It’s how we help you build trust. Improve outcomes. And yes, save money.

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Implemented teacher accountability and compliance procedures at a reputed Bengaluru school

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Delivered rich digital curriculum content for an underpriviledged girl school

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EdSense's single platform and unique technologies for education management brought our school from the early 2000’s to 2018 in just a few months. Our success is based on innovation and flexibility, and EdSense is successful by being innovative and flexible. It really is a good match.

Streamlined curriculum scheduling & lesson plan sharing have improved teacher satisfaction, anytime access to curated content have increased student satisfaction, and a robust internal audit process has improved our internal satisfaction – all thanks to EdSense.

EdSense helped us find unexpected ways to save money and improve the services we offer to our teachers & students.

EdSense removed our software hurdles, and they also made our communications look better and work better for us. This was a win-win for all.