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Strong leadership and vision are pivotal to enabling e-learning in schools. Every school, under the leadership of the principal and supported by the coordinating teachers, must strive towards effective whole-school e-learning and this should filter down into concrete learning experiences for the students.

Expert education management platform

Expert education management platform

Freedom, choice and value

We believe that bringing blended teaching & learning methods with modern technology to schools is more important than ever.

It’s a simplified, streamlined approach that’s easier for you to manage and easier for your teachers to understand – and it helps your students get personalized attention. We invite you to join us as we lead the industry beyond fee management and attendance when it comes to digitization.

Blended learning

The fundamental purpose of school e-learning plan is to ensure that all students experience a quality education appropriate to their needs in a changing world.

Teaching toolkit

All your teaching resources in one place. Be it online classes, digital curriculum, lesson plans, assessments, home work etc

Community voice

Capture student, parent and teacher feedback through surveys about teaching, learning, and classroom/online experiences.

Social emotional wellbeing

The critical skills and mindsets that enable success in school and in life — with research-backed assessments and actionable data reports.

Professional development

Self-paced courses incorporating modern learning techniques such as gamification, social collaboration with peers, and project-based learning. With a library of courses ranging from classroom management to community engagement, there is something for everyone to learn at your school or district.

Our end-to-end platform is bringing the education community together. And it’s only going to get better.

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